In the Name of Love

Robin Adelman
The Palm Beach Jewish News

Matchmaker, matchmaker, here take the mouse. Get me online, find me a spouse.
Matchmaker, matchmaker, please surf the Net.
You'll find me a match, I bet!

As our world becomes more computer-driven, Jewish singles use the Internet to find their soulmates. Jewish Quality Singles (, based in New York City, claims to have started the first Jewish singles web site in 1994. Averaging two marriages a month for its 50,000 members, it claims Internet matchmaking is better than the traditional method because it puts you in touch with hundreds of people from the comfort of your home, where you can search at your own pace.

Blinded by a blind date

There are also online success stories. Sandra Lisman, a 37-year-old resident of Weston had been divorced for seven years before she turned to the Net for help. The day after she signed on with JQS, she was contacted by her future husband, Morris, 45, from New Jersey. "For me, it worked out and I found who I was looking for," says Lisman, whose friend also found her fiancé through JQS.

It's for everyone

A representative from Jewish Quality Singles ( says that a majority of its users are single (never married) or divorced, but the senior/widow membership is growing as more seniors get online. Signing on is as easy as eating grandma's potato kugel. Web sites give step-by-step instructions to fill out the registration forms and take most major credit cards. Besides filling in specifics about hair color, height and weight, there are questions about type of religious leaning (secular, orthodox, etc.), financial status, hobbies, and more. In a world where Jewish singles no longer live in secluded communities, the "Global Village" of the Internet can be an effective tool to find someone who shares personal beliefs and values. If you miss some of the old traditions, you could always check the chat rooms for a yenta.

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