Intrepid Columnist Signs Up With a Matchmaker

Marsha Leifer and Mollie Bernstein
The Jewish Star Times

Hello everyone. Hope you are attending the single events we have listed and are enjoying them. We are getting a lot of positive e-mail about the column, and would love to hear from you.

Marsha wanted to say a few words: one of the nice things in my "single again" lifestyle has been the incredible people I have met. As part of a couple, I did not understand the world of singles. Now I have met both men and women who are single, and the professionals who service the single community and have great respect and admiration for them.

I recently met Devora Alouf. Concerned with the alarming rate of Jewish intermarriage, Devora felt compelled to devote her life to a personal mission, to ensure Jewish continuity by introducing Jewish men and women for the purpose of marriage. So in the computerized, digitalized, cellularized and downsized 21st Century, Devora became a shaddchan - yes, a professional matchmaker!

"If I can even make one Jewish match that will result in Jewish children and grandchildren, I will feel as if I have saved a generation", she said.

Her first three clients, a 32-year-old man, a 40-year-old woman and a 60-year old woman all found mates and married. Her company, Jewish Quality Singles, which is open to all ages and all branches of Judaism, now has staffed offices in Montreal, Toronto, New York, Tel Aviv, and in her home town, Miami.

Her matchmaking service is also on the internet at and

I am meeting Devora and going online on the web site and will write about my experiences each month. Should be interesting, and besides, you never know. So keep reading Single File and stay tuned to this ongoing adventure.

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