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63 year-old man

Far Rockaway, New York, USA

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2 Not Living with me




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Better in person where site, sound, smell, touch lets leave the last one out for starters.

About Me

I am the giving type, up-front, truthful, and divorced with children. Former businessman, Delicatessen and Snack foods company owner. Then sales person before being semi-retired for a large nation wide company.
The site would not let me download most of my photos for some reason. Its all from the one one who runs the world, the photo is from the summer of 2011 with one of my best friends.

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What role does Judaism currently play in my life:
With religion I try to be a step above the political aspects. For me it’s being truthful, respecting others, following the laws to the best of my ability. We are all one people all children of the same creator.

What gives my life meaning purpose and fulfillment:
The one thing that stands apart for me was assisting in rescuing the last few Jewish people from Yemen with just a handful left at this time. Their will never be another moment in time like that again, knowing I gave so many children a chance at life. Helping people in need answers the question.

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Orthodox - Baal Teshuva

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Every Shabbat

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Sales Representative/Retail/Wholesale

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sales & volunteer

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No pets

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